A Powerful Combination

HMB and Vitamin D3 Work Together to Improve Muscle Mass and Muscle Function

In order to optimize the results HMB has to offer, you must have adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 in your body.  After a yearlong study with elderly adults who supplemented with an HMB cocktail, we found increased lean mass with the supplementation, but no overall increase in muscle function (strength).  Further analysis of the study data showed that muscle strength was statistically increased in those with ‘sufficient’ Vitamin D3(7) in their body.  As shown in the figure, strength was increased to a greater extent in those participants that had 25(OH)D levels or 30 ng/mL of blood or greater.  This retrospective study has resulted in further studies to show the synergistic effect of these two nutrients on muscle.


Prospective Study Shows HMB and Vitamin D3 Improves Muscle Strength and Mobility

Recent research has shown that the combination of HMB, Vitamin D3, and protein can help improve muscle strength and mobility. A study performed with elderly women has just been released to show that the combination of HMB, Vitamin D3, and protein helped improve recovery after orthopedic surgery for a hip fracture.  When given the product containing HMB, Vitamin D3, and protein, a greater number of the patients were mobile on days 15 and 30 after surgery. The patients were also found to have significantly increased strength on day 30.  Similar to what was previously shown, the authors concluded that the nutritional combination led to increased muscle strength(5).

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